Job Circle Limited, a UK based agency with the aim of providing different jobs to the ones who are in search of jobs.

After more than a decade of assistance to the job seeker and job provider (Employee and Employer), Mr K Tamang (founder) set up a limited company in 2013 in the company House. Initially, Job circle helped people as good faith and without taking a single a penny. With the in-demand increase and to continue assisting more people, job circle become convinced to run a company with the social business model. Job Circle Limited provides services to both Employee and Employer. The company doesn't charge any fee, except a security deposit to the employee whereas reasonable fee which as very less than the competitor in the similar industry. Since its establishment, Jobcircle Limited has been served more than 2,500 employers and more than 5,000 employees. The reason behind the establishment of Job Circle is to solve the problem of jobless people to give an opportunity to who are seeking for a job. Job Circle aims to provide the right candidate to the employer with an appropriate price. Both parties are satisfied with the personal touch of Job Circle Ltd. Jobcircle covers the area from London Zone 1 to 6; Manchester, Birmingham, Reading, Wales and more. It is projected to increase every year.

“Create an affordable and easy recruitment platform for Professionals and Employers” Jobcircle provides customers with the best quality and most reliable professionals in the UK region. The company aims to provide outstanding quality, service, and value so that we make every customer satisfied. We aim to provide jobs to people with or without skills by onsite and offsite training. The company works to provide best-suited Employees to the Client with professionalism. In Jobcircle, we are Future Focused. We aim to provide better chances to professionals help set them to careers according to their want and needs. Our Vision is to create an environment for both employer and staff for development. Every steps and process are dealt with professional imprints to give the best service.

Kulbir Tamang -Founder

Kulbir Tamang came with the background of Buddhism historical artists. Since 2003, He started his career as a waiter in an Indian restaurant, worked as a customer service in Thai and Nepali restaurants and also he worked as a salesman, customer and catering services. He has also experienced housekeeping with a cleaning job. Coming into the UK brought him experiences with customer services in the Hospitality industry and NHS (National Health Service). He loves social works, playing and watching sports. Mr Tamang is adaptable, capable of fitting any situation and has a strong desire for success or achievement. Overall, Mr Tamang is guided by experience and observation rather than theory.

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