Frequently Asked Question

To register with us, you need to sign in as an employee. You need to fill your personal detail and submit. A email verification link will be sent to your email. You can verify and get into employee dashboard. From there you can apply for new jobs, save jobs and many more.
To register with us as an employer, you need to sign in as an employer and provide your personal information. An email link will be generated for verification. You can verify the email and it will take you to your dashboard and post jobs.
Currently we do not have pay roll service. We are working our best to provide the automated services to our employer and employee. Stay tuned.
Absolutely! If you think you can handle the job requirements, it never hurts to apply for the position. Whether you have fewer years of experience than they’re asking, or you are missing one of the hard skills mentioned, these don’t necessarily rule you out from landing the job. Skills can be learned on the job, and if you’re the best candidate, years of experience won’t matter in the end. Just don’t lie and say you have the qualifications when you don’t.
You can see our terms and condition section and download the form. In section 7. Fee and Charges, you can see the agency fee charges.